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Heesters In Pot

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Abelia grandiflora

Abelia Grandiflora C2 - VP2 - 12-09-2016 (2)

Buddleja mix  2 liter

Buudleja mix 2 liter augustus (2)

Buddleja mix  3 liter

Buddleja mix C3 - bloem - 19-7-2016

Carypteris cland.  Heavenly Blue

Carypteris Cland Heavenly Blue C5

Carypteris cland.  Grand Blue

Caryopteris Grand Bleu C3 - 03-08-2018.

Ceanothus imp. Victoria  C2

Ceanothus Victoria VP2 - 22-7-2015

Ceanothus imp. Victoria C3

Ceanothus Victoria C3 - 20-06-2015

Ceanothus imp. Victoria  C5

Ceanothus Victoria C5 - 31-10-2017 (1)

Ceanothus thyr.  Repens C2

Ceanothus repens C2 - 24-10-2017 (2)

Ceanothus thyr.  Repens C3

Ceanothus Repens C3 - 23-11-2017 (1)

Ceanothus thyr.  Repens C5

Ceanothus Repens C5 - 31-10-2017 (1)

Choisya Aztec Pearl C3

Choisya Aztec Pearl C3 - 06-08-2015 (1)

Choisya Aztec Pearl C5

Choisya Aztec Pearl C5 - Sept

Choisya tern. Sundance  C3

Choisya Sundance C3 - 19-7-2016

Choisya tern. Sundance  C5

Choisya Sundance C5 - sept

Choisya ternata  C3

Choisya Ternata C3 - 06-08-2015 (1)

Choisya ternata C5

Choisya Ternata C5 - sept

Choisya Goldfingers

Choisya Goldfingers C5 - 10-08-2018

Choisya White Dazzler

Choisya White Dazzler C5 - 25-07-2017

Cotoneaster suec. Carol Beauty

Cotoneaster Carol Beaty C1.5 - 15-8-2016 (2)

Convolvulus Cneorum  C3

Convolvulus cneorum C3 - 13-07-2017 (2)

Erica darleyensis  mix  C1.5

Erica mix C1.5 - 02-11-2018 (2)

Escallonia l. Pink Elle

Escallonia Pink Elle C5 - 6-9-2018

Escallonia Red Dream

Escallonia Red Dream C3

Euonymus fort. Emerald Gaiety

Euonymus Emerald n Gaithy C3 - januari

Euonymus fort. Emerald n Gold

Euonymus Emerald 'n Gold C3 - 16-11-2016 (2)

Euonymus fort. Harlequin

Euonymus Harlequin C3 december

Euonymus jap. Kathy

Euonymus Kathy C3 - 20-06-2015

Euonymus jap. Marieke

Euonymus Marieke C3 - Juni

Elaeagnus ebbingei

Elaeagnus ebbingei C2 - 15-08-2017 (1)

Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacte  

Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacte C3 - januari

Forsythia int. Spectabilles

Forsythia Int. Spectabilles C3

Hedera hibernica

Hedera Hibernica

Hibiscus syr. Hamabo

Hibiscus Hamabo C3 - 19-7-2016

Hibiscus syr. Oiseau Blue

Hibiscus Oiseau Blue C3 - 19-7-2016

Hibiscus syr. Woodbridge

Hibiscus syr. Woodbridge C3 - 06-08-2015 (1)

Hibiscus syr. Red Heart

Hibiscus Red Heart C3 - 22-6-2016

Hydrangea arb. Annabel

Hydrangea Annabelle C3 - 16-8-2018 (1)

Hydrangea marc. Bouquet Rose


Hydrangea marc. Early Blue


Hydrangea marc. Mme E. Mouillere


Hydrangea marc. Rotkehlchen


Hydrangea pan. Limelight

Hyadrangea Limelight C2 - 16-10-2018

Hydrangea Quercifolia

Hydrangea Quercifolia C3

Hypericum  magical  mix

Hypericum magical mix C2 - 5-10-2017 (1)

Lavandula ang. Hidcote

Lavendel hidcote C2 - mei

Lavandula ang. Munstead

Lavendel Munstead C3 - mei (1)

Lonicera nitida Maigrun

Lonicera Maigrun C1.5..

Leucothoe font. Makijaz

Leucothoe Makijaz C5 - januari

Leucothoe keiskei Royal Ruby

Leucothoe Royal Ruby C3 - 19-03-2018 (1)

Leucothoe walteri Rainbow

Leucothoe Rainbow C3P19

Leucothoe Zeblid

Leucothoe Zeblid C3 - 14-10-2016 (1)

Loropetalum chin. Fire Dance

Loropetalum chin. Firedance C3 - 31-08-2017 (1) - kopie

Nandina dom. Firepower

Nandina Firepower C3 - 3-10-2018-2

Nandina dom. Gulfstream

Nandina dom. Gulfstream C2 - 26-07-2017

Nandina dom. Obsessed

Nandina Obsessed C5 - 18-7-2018

Nandina dom. Richmond

Nandina dom. Richmond C3 - 12-09-2016

Osmanthus heter.  Tricolor

Osmanthus Gosiki C3 - 26-11-2018

Pachysandra terminalis

Pachysandra Terminalis P9

Perovskia atripl.  Blue Spire

Perovskia Blue Spire C3 - bloem - 19-7-2016

Perovskia atripl. Little Spire

Perovskia Blue Spire 30-40 C3 - 4-7-2016

Photinia fras. Carre Rouge

Photinia Carre Rouge C3 - 30-08-2018 (1)

Photinia fras. Red Robin  C2

Photinia fras. Red Robin C2 - sept

Photinia fras. Red Robin  C3

Photinia fras. Red - Robin C3

Photinia fras. Red Robin  C7


Pieris Flaming Silver

Pieris Flaming Silver C3 - december

Pieris Forest Flame

Pieris Forest Flame C3 - maart

Pieris jap. Bonfire

Pieris Bonfire C3 - november

Pieris jap. Debutante

Pieris Debutante C3 - 2-11-2016

Pieris jap. Little Heath

Pieris Little Heath C3 - december

Pieris Jap. Mountain Fire

Pieris Mountain Fire C3 - okt

Pieris jap. Valley Rose

Pieris Valey Rose C5 - maart

Pieris jap. Valley Valentine

Pieris Valey Valentine C5-2 - maart

Pieris jap. Variegata

Pieris Variegata C3 - 4-10-2017

Rosa the  Fairy

Rosa the fairy Roze - 13-06-2017

Ribes sang. King Edward  VII

Ribes sang. King Edward VI C3 - April (1)

Sarcococca confusa


Spiraea cin. Grefsheim

Spiraea cin. Grefsheim C2 - 30-03-2017 (1)

Spiraea jap. Anthony Waterer

Spiraea Ant Waterer C3 - 03-08-2018 (1)

Spiraea nip. Snowmound

Spiraea Snowmound C3 - 20-08-2018

Spiraea x vanhouttei

Spiraea vanhouttei C5 - 31-10-2018

Viburnum davidii

Viburnum davidii C3 - 18-09-2017 (1)

Viburnum tinus

Viburnum Tinus C7 - november (2)

Viburnum tinus Eve Price

Viburnum tinus Eve Price C3 - september (1)

Viburnum tinus Lisa Rose

Viburnum LisaRose C3 - 05-09-2017 (2)

Viburnum tinus Spirit

Viburnum Spirit C3 - 12-10-2018.

Weigela Bristol Ruby

Weigela Bristol Ruby C3 - 20-08-2018

Weigela flor.  Wine & Roses / Alexandra

Weigela Alexandra - Wine & Roses C3 - 19-7-2016